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I'm glad to see you all and that you are watching my new video on my channel! I decided to please you with my new adventure. I'm sure you missed me!
Today I will take you to a forest hut, where my adventures will take place. I found this shelter and decided to stay in it. Over the fire I cooked delicious pita with avocado 🥑, eggs 🥚, cucumber🥒 and tomato 🍅 It turned out incredibly tasty and satisfying. I didn’t eat it all, I took it home. It was very warm in the forest and I decided to take off my clothes and wrap myself in a summer sleeping bag for relaxation and relaxation. Glad you like my videos! Hugs to all connoisseurs of my adventures, camping and of course me 🥰 Follow the link in the description and subscribe to my social networks ✍️ Don’t forget to like and share my videos with your friends 🙏🏼

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Hello I am a girl
This camping trip I followed the river bank and there were a lot of big leaves, I arranged them in two rows and I was in the middle, I grilled chicken wings here and enjoyed the sound of nature, the sound of running water.
Do you want to go on a camping trip alone? I like it because I get to go everywhere with natural beauty and wild challenges.
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thank you.

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Hello dear viewers!
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It started snowing heavily in the forest and I decided to go there to build a sauna and relax in a cozy atmosphere listening to ASMR sounds of nature!
After some time, the snowfall gave way to heavy rain, I had a great rest and steamed with a broom in a hot tent near a hot stove and, of course, swam in the icy lake!
Relax with me, enjoy watching!❤

I took a waterproof, compact and powerful flashlight from WUBEN with me to the bathhouse.
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Самые красивые девушки в мире. Красивые девушки разных стран

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► Туристическая страховка:

Здравствуйте, на связи Егор Еремеев! Есть страны с самой красивой природой, лучшей архитектурой и едой. Также есть страны с самыми красивыми девушками. Поговаривают, что там живут самые привлекательные и гламурные женщины.

Безусловно, представительницы прекрасного пола прекрасны всегда — такими их создала природа. Но эксперты портала Missosology решили пойти дальше и составили рейтинг стран с самыми очаровательными представительницами слабого пола. Где живут самые красивые девушки мира? Смотрите подробнее в видео:

Подробности здесь:

00:00 Самые красивые девушки в мире: рейтинг стран
00:30 США — 10 место
01:09 Колумбия на 9 месте
01:25 Шакира
02:10 Индонезия на 8 месте
03:00 Под номером 7 — Пуэрто-Рико
03:56 Дженнифер Лопес
04:00 Таиланд — 6 место
04:56 Вьетнам на 5 месте
05:38 ЮАР на 4 месте
06:31 Мексика на 3 месте
07:05 Филиппины — 2 место
07:53 1 место — Венесуэла

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Workout gymnastics exercise

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SOLO GIRL CAMPING 🔥 sleeps at night in a campsite to the sound of falling rain

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Evening Swimming | Tyrrhenian Sea | Monte Cofano ​⁠ @DivaAngelLife #evening #swimming #tyrrheniansea #monte #cofano ​⁠@DivaAngelLife

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Yoga and Stretching Morning Ritual | Devon Jenelle Yoga

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